The wrong wall came down.

I think you probably get my reference. If not you can comment below and I’ll explain, but in all seriousness we knew this wall would be knocked down before I even started to paint it. Why? Why wouldn’t I paint another wall. Something more permanent? Because nothing is permanent. Everything changes and it is our responsibility to notice while we can.

Demolition of Girl Noticed Mural in Norfolk, VA

Last year I had the privilege of painting a mural bright in colors and grand in size in the Neon District of Norfolk, VA, but I don’t believe it was the painting itself that touched peoples lives. Instead, it was the 4 women I painted, their energy, their beauty, who they are on the inside that so beautifully reflected on their faces, and made this mural so special. The words painted beside them were words used in their nominations. That is what penetrated the lives of those who passed it each day. These 4 women represent the women in their community just like them. We look at them and see empowered women and it gives us hope.

Yoga session that was held in front of the finished mural.

The wall was knocked down this weekend. We knew it would be. It’s part of the message of this project. Did you notice? What if you didn’t notice? What if you never saw the wall and experienced the power behind this mural? Did you take time to notice? Do you notice the women in your community and the value they bring to each and every one of us?

Thank you to those who did notice. Thank you to the Neon District and their hard work in making this mural happen. – till we meet again.

2 responses to “The wrong wall came down.”

  1. Curtis DeSimone Avatar
    Curtis DeSimone

    I fully see & understand your message now. What a powerful statement, “Did you notice?” In a society that is fueled by self help, self love, & just plain selfishness we dont take the time to see the person that drops the pepple that creates a tsunami. Just as in physics every action we take has an equal or greater reaction. Girl Noticed inspires us all to be to be the change we want to see in the world. Thank you for all that you do.

    1. Girl Noticed Avatar

      Thank you Curtis for noticing! ❤️

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