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Blake with one of her four rescue pugs, she has had up to five rescue pugs at one time.

Blake Starr

“We share our medals to share our strength so no one races the journey of life alone.”

Blake Starr turned 50 this past August, she’s been married for 26 years, and has two daughters, Allie 22 and Aimee 20. Blake is the Executive Director for a National non-profit called We Finish Together., and the fundraising/social media director for Compassionate Pug Rescue, based in Miami, Florida. 

We Finish Together collects race medals from athletes from all over the country, then attaches handwritten messages of encouragement, and writes positive mantras directly on the medal ribbons. The medals are then hand delivered or mailed to individuals facing great life challenges.

“Our mission is based on unconditional kindness. We strive to give people something tangible to hold in times of need so they know they are not alone. We also send medals in larger amounts to organizations, hospitals, and specials needs centers. Our chapters ( or fleets as we call them) are scattered through out the U.S. and we are hoping one day to become worldwide.”

This is 14 year old Emma from New Mexico. She has Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bone disease), and a rare form of dwarfism. Emma has an amazing Instagram page and you tube channel where she posts inspiring quotes and talks openly about her life. She’s also the newest ambassador for We Finish Together and will be sending out medals to others who need her positivity and strength! 

Girl NoticeD asks Blake Starr:

Someone who has greatly influenced you.

My 5th grade teacher Mrs. Kravitz. She taught me that being kind and having a good heart will get you exactly where you want to be in life. 

A gigantic mural you’d like to see in your community.

One that says: WE put the kind back in humankind. 

Must read book.

“Sarah’s Key” by Tatiana de Rosnay

I am most grateful for…

My Family.

A single change that made a significant difference in your life?

Getting out of my own way! I do my best to not allow myself to stand in the way or talk myself out of doing things that might be new or scary for me. This has allowed me to take We Finish Together to a whole new level. 

It’s Karaoke night what song do you belt out, no holds barred?

“Karma Chameleon” by Culture Club! I have been in love with Boy George since I’m 12 years old….I’m a very loyal person. 🙂

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