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“If you have a heart for serving others, you are a community leader or want to establish a nonprofit, this tool is for you.” …Shero Publishing

Girl Noticed founder Lori Pratico co-authors her first book aimed at helping others to turn their ideas into reality.

The Nonprofit Legacy

Pre-order your signed 1st edition now. Expect to receive your copy 10-18 days from purchase. All taxes, shipping and handling are included.


On October 6th, SHERO Publishing and fourteen authors proudly announced the launch and pre-sale of their new book “THE NONPROFIT LEGACY”. This book gathers the expertise of fourteen diverse female Nonprofit Executives as they open their hearts and “tell all”, about their journeys to developing a nonprofit.

Lori Pratico was invited by visionary Tajala Battle Lockhart to share her story about how she turned from artist to art activist literally overnight. Girl Noticed creator, Lori Pratico along with her co-authors reveal what led them to start their Nonprofits and what keeps them moving forward even when times are hard. Ironically written during a pandemic the book shares valuable resources to building your own legacy, like gaining grants, obtaining sponsorship, building a board, recruiting volunteers, and overcoming roadblocks…just a few of the topics covered.

“The Nonprofit Legacy” will inspire and empower you. Order your signed 1st Edition today!

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