Sponsorship/Giving Levels

Girl Noticed is a Nationwide charcoal mural project aimed at bringing attention and awareness to the important role “the female” plays in our society. With our large expressive murals, and powerful message, we hope to empower women and help girls recognize their value.

Through our partnership with our non-profit partner, Sanjuan-Brown Hollywood Arts Foundation, Inc. (“SBHAF”), we are raising funds to help us realize our goal of creating a mural in every state of the union. Your contributions can be made to the foundation and will be tax-deductible. Every penny goes to directly support the expenses of the Girl Noticed Project, since SBHAF has generously donated its administrative support without compensation.

Become a “member” of the Girl Noticed movement by contributing at one of 4 levels:

Witness                   $25

Supporter                $100                                      

Benefactor              $500                    

Patron                     $1,000                   

Become an “exclusive sponsor” for one or more of our state mural projects (47 states still available). By being a State Mural Sponsor, your funding will cover the costs of erecting a mural in the state of your choice. Enjoy targeted recognition in the local markets of your choice.

State Mural Sponsorships              $2,500

Select several states or a region to sponsor at $2,500 per state.

**Please Inquire about being a Book Underwriter or Exhibition Sponsor.

The Girl Noticed book project gives you the opportunity to be recognized as a major project sponsor, enabling us to produce a high-quality, full-color monograph that will document the incredible history and impact of this multi-year project. By being the underwriter, you will receive prominent publicity as the book sponsor, as well 100 complimentary copies of the book, signed by Lori Pratico and Elizabeth Sanjuan, for your own use and distribution.

The Sanjuan-Brown Hollywood Arts Foundation, Inc. has already generously committed to underwrite the creation of a Girl Noticed Exhibition and will cover all expenses of mounting the exhibition at the completion of the project. The exhibition will be available to travel to other venues for showings, and as an Exhibition Co-Sponsor, you can reserve an opportunity to have the Girl Noticed Exhibition come to your area in the future.

Six exhibition co-sponsorships are available.


The Girl Noticed Team is open to discussions on other means and levels of sponsorships, including the possibility of several Partner Organizations or a National Sponsor who would provide more significant levels of funding to meet the long-term objectives of the project. Commensurate levels of recognition and publicity would be provided.


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