TheirSTORY/ Ash Jasmine, them/they

The world is kinda broken. I would like it to be better and less hate-filled.

I want to make people happy….I want to be like the Sun. I want to inspire people through my music.”

Ash Jasmine 14, Tampa Bay, FL

Girl Noticed asks Ash:

  • I notice you use the pronouns them/they. Why are pronouns important?

Pronouns are important because they define who a person is, and what they feel inside.

  • What would you say your strengths are? 

My strengths are I’m pretty funny (in a sarcastic way), I’m creative/artistic, I have a great fashion sense, I’m attentive, and I have a good memory.

  • I love all those strengths, what is your favorite thing to do?

I have three favorite things that I love to do….Go on social media, play Minecraft, and draw.

  • Is there anything that you wish you knew how to do? A skill or way of being that you want to develop? 

Learn how to play the guitar, and learn how to produce beats and record songs.

  • What issue or cause out in the world do you care about the most?

Racism and Homophobia. Those issues are huge problems in the world, and I want it to stop.

  • What question do you wish people would just ask, instead of assuming, and how could they ask it?

Instead of some people just assuming that “I’m good”, I wish they would ask “How are you feeling”… so, that I can answer honestly.

  • When in a tough situation do you choose courage or comfort and why?

Comfort….you gotta work smarter, not harder.

  • Finish this sentence: I sometimes wear the mask of happiness or being ok, my mask actually covers…

I don’t wear a “mask of happiness”….my face always shows how I feel.

  • What creative and courageous people inspire you? What is it about them that connects with you? 

BTS. They’re really cool and great at what they do. They also make so many people happy, and I admire that about them. In particular, I love Min Yoogi (SUGA) fron BTS. He is very talented in many aspects and very passionate about his career. He cares a lot about the other members of BTS, and he inspires me.

  • What is the coolest app that I should have on my phone?

TikTok because it’s fun, and shows funny people that I can relate to.

Here are some resources to help you better understand the importance of gender identity and pronouns.

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