Your possibilities are greater than your circumstances.

Girl Noticed speaks on the behalf of girls and women everywhere. The reason we exist is to send the positive message that every girl matters and has value. Our murals reflect hope and empowerment bringing people together to share each other’s challenges, and triumphs. Esteem building workshops and public conversations round out this unique experience. The outcome is a strengthening of esteem in young women and a unifying sense of pride in communities.


Girl Noticed recognizes the widespread and often overlooked struggles of teen girls. Depression, eating disorders, anxiety, gender disparity and the silent internal fight girls struggle with every day are issues that need to be noticed. Girl Noticed offers visibility and a platform for change creating possibilities of hope and empowerment for all. Girl Noticed amplifies the voice of every girl.


A variety of workshops for all ages including those inline with The Common Core State Standards for Education, community discussions and presentations, as well as larger mural events are currently in place and continue to be rigorously developed.

Girl Noticed has had the opportunity to award scholarships helping organizations to add to their programming and also lift the financial burden that is often associated with extracurricular activities, such as camps, lessons, fees and supplies, giving girls and women the opportunity to nurture and grow what is often the very thing that makes them feel good about themselves.

For Lori, her artwork is not only her passion but also her voice. She is driven to inspire people to recognize that no matter what, there is always something about them extraordinary and worth noticing. As a teenager Lori’s life was greatly affected when a teacher nominated her for The National Honor Society and let her read the nomination letter. The small act of someone taking notice had a great impact on her life. “Most girls and women compare themselves to unrealistic norms society has put into place. We strive for perfection, and live in a constant state of I’m not good enough”, says Pratico. Girl Noticed reminds us to pause, acknowledge and appreciate others and ourselves.

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