A Community Mural Project

Highlighting the value and significance of every girl.

Girl Noticed to participate in HOME at ArtServe, FL.

During HOME, Girl Noticed will be expanding the mural “I Have A Voice” in the Artserve entryway, creating a interactive experience for attendees to make their voice heard, as well as painting live and announcing a local project launch that will include a mural in Fort Lauderdale, gallery show, workshops, student involvement and more. VIP tickets for HOME can be purchased at http://www.artserve.org

Girl Noticed impacting communities across the nation.


Girl Noticed is a community mural and arts outreach project, traveling the globe to build and maintain a world better informed about the positive impact the simple act of “noticing” a girl has. Every girl, just the way she is, has something about her worth noticing. Girl Noticed makes the bold statement that it is a community’s responsibility to notice. By empowering girls and women we highlight and recognize the value they add to a community and the world.

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4 thoughts on “Girl Noticed to participate in HOME at ArtServe, FL.

  1. Chantel @ NeighborWorks Alaska May 22, 2018 — 12:33 pm

    Wonderful video! We miss you and Elizabeth, honored that we have one of your mural in our community. Wishing you safe travels and more fantastic experiences as you get to the next 39 states!


  2. I drive past the Norfolk, VA every day and love the colors and the tie-in to our community. I’ve read the 4 women in our mural were chosen for it because they are from our area. Why aren’t their names and accomplishments indicated anywhere? We don’t know who these women are. 😦


    1. I’m so happy you are enjoying the mural. There were articles in the newspaper and on the news that included their names as well as on Girl Noticed’s social media. From L-R: Adrianne Burke, (yoga and wellness instructor who sets an example in her community for young girls to live life well) Brandy Brown ( a teenager who participates in the program Teens With A Purpose. She is a shy quiet girl who has recently made herself heard and is realizing the value of her own voice), Deirdre Love (founder and director of Teens With a Purpose. You hear the kids calling her “Momma D” and there is no doubt why she’s on the wall.) Linder “Hollywood” Lawrence ( a bright light in her community. Hollywood lives with what others would call a disability, but it is clear she is only focused on her abilities. People were yelling out their car windows as I painted her, “I love you Hollywood!”

      As important as it is to know who these women are, I find it to be more important that every girl and woman know their value. These women were nominated along with many others, all who could have and deserved to have been painted on the wall. I chose these four because I felt they best represented the community. They represent all of the girls and women like them and I hope the mural will serve as an inspiration to many. Thank you so much for your comment.


    2. Also, the words to the left of them were all words used in their nominations. “THAT” is who they are.


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