A Community Mural Project

Highlighting the value and significance of every girl.

What's Next

Girl Noticed to recognize female Holocaust survivors living in Broward County.

We are monitoring the Corona Virus pandemic on a day by day basis to decide how to move forward. Please continue to check here and our social media pages for updates.

Donate Today

Your donation will be used to support all efforts to tell the stories of surviving women of the Holocaust through murals, interactive youth programs, stage performances and artistic expressions. A $10 minimum donation is suggested. Choose any # of $10 donations to increase your donation.


To ensure our community takes all precautions against spread of the coronavirus we will be postponing our April 2nd stage presentation. The mural creation is still as scheduled. We will continue to monitor the situation and make updates as needed. Our strongest defense is patience and time. Be safe, be well.


Girl Noticed, Inc. Executive Director

Lori Pratico

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Girl Noticed is a community mural and arts outreach project, traveling the globe to build and maintain a world better informed about the positive impact the simple act of “noticing” a girl has. Every girl, just the way she is, has something about her worth noticing. Girl Noticed makes the bold statement that it is a community’s responsibility to notice. By empowering girls and women we highlight and recognize the value they add to a community and the world.

Girl Noticed at Hardy Middle School in Jackson, MS. Oct. 2019

City leaders and community partners celebrated Girl Noticed’s creation of an inspiring and empowering mural at Jackson Public Schools‘ Hardy Middle School in West Jackson, funded in part by Greater Jackson Arts Council and Visit Jackson, MS. The mural recognized Margaret Walker (born 1915), novelist, poet, scholar, and teacher, best known for her Civil War novel Jubilee (1963) and for her powerful collection of poetry about racial affirmation, For My People (1942). Ms. Walker looks with pleasure at the silhouette of a young girl reading. This girl is meant to be a representation of all the girls at Hardy Middle School and to serve as a reminder as they enter their school that knowledge and an education can empower them to do anything.


Community Need

Girl Noticed addresses the need for individuals in communities to pause, acknowledge and appreciate each other. Focusing on girls and women of all ages we show young girls by example the importance of recognizing their value. A National poll recently stated that 74% of girls say they are under pressure to please everyone. The National Institute on Media and the Family stated that 53% of American girls age 13 are “unhappy with their bodies”. This grows to 78% by the time girls reach age 17. The statistics, endless and staggering, all point to the fact that as females we are constantly comparing and criticizing ourselves trying to fit the norms our society has put into place. Girl Noticed urges us to recognize we are ENOUGH just the way we are. By participating in our mural events and workshops women of all ages become aware of how they view themselves, but more importantly how they would like to be viewed or “noticed”.

Pride, self determination, self worth.
We can not minimize the potential impact this self awareness has on a young girl. Bring Girl Noticed to your community and be the difference in a girls life. As she grows and learns, so will her community grow and learn. She will be someone who makes a significant difference in her own life, the lives of those around her and quite possibly the world.

Support Girl Noticed today.
Sponsorship opportunities available.

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4 thoughts on “What's Next

  1. Chantel @ NeighborWorks Alaska May 22, 2018 — 12:33 pm

    Wonderful video! We miss you and Elizabeth, honored that we have one of your mural in our community. Wishing you safe travels and more fantastic experiences as you get to the next 39 states!


  2. I drive past the Norfolk, VA every day and love the colors and the tie-in to our community. I’ve read the 4 women in our mural were chosen for it because they are from our area. Why aren’t their names and accomplishments indicated anywhere? We don’t know who these women are. 😦


    1. I’m so happy you are enjoying the mural. There were articles in the newspaper and on the news that included their names as well as on Girl Noticed’s social media. From L-R: Adrianne Burke, (yoga and wellness instructor who sets an example in her community for young girls to live life well) Brandy Brown ( a teenager who participates in the program Teens With A Purpose. She is a shy quiet girl who has recently made herself heard and is realizing the value of her own voice), Deirdre Love (founder and director of Teens With a Purpose. You hear the kids calling her “Momma D” and there is no doubt why she’s on the wall.) Linder “Hollywood” Lawrence ( a bright light in her community. Hollywood lives with what others would call a disability, but it is clear she is only focused on her abilities. People were yelling out their car windows as I painted her, “I love you Hollywood!”

      As important as it is to know who these women are, I find it to be more important that every girl and woman know their value. These women were nominated along with many others, all who could have and deserved to have been painted on the wall. I chose these four because I felt they best represented the community. They represent all of the girls and women like them and I hope the mural will serve as an inspiration to many. Thank you so much for your comment.


    2. Also, the words to the left of them were all words used in their nominations. “THAT” is who they are.


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