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Leader, Author, Mentor, Motivational Speaker, and Life Coach

Allison Bryant

“Slow down? No way. My future goals are to continue to help people find their inner royalty..”

A Brooklyn native with a heart nurtured by her grandmother, Allison Bryant had a calling on her life that was more than she ever imagined. As an only child, Allison found solitude in her faith and helping others. This was a direct reflection of her grandmother who taught her to show love and give it freely.

Allison has a classical education that includes an Associate degree in Business and Leadership from La Guardia Community College, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Wesleyan University and a Masters degree in Human Development Family Studies from North Carolina Central University. But it was Allison’s experience with her own childhood trauma that led her to start her nonprofit organization, “Tilted Crowns” in 2016. Relocating to Raleigh, North Carolina, Allison had found her voice as a leader, author, mentor, motivational speaker, and life coach and knew she had a message more people needed to hear, to heal, and ultimately grow from.

Moving in silence, never looking for a handout or expecting praise, this educated empath has been recognized for her service and dedication. She was awarded the Woman of Distinction Award by Wake County in 2018. Allison was recognized by She Rocks LLC as Motivational Speaker of the Year. Also, in 2018 she was recognized by ACHI magazine as Mentor of the Year. In 2019 she was again recognized by ACHI magazine as Nonprofit Executive of the Year and Mentor of the Year.

Tilted Crowns has mentored over 30 girls from ages 10-17 in North Carolina and Florida. The girls of Tilted Crowns are mentored to understand their self-worth and encouraged to find their voice. As Tilted Crowns continues to grow, Allison knew she needed to birth another company specifically for women and their healing. Relishing in her career as a Life Coach, Allison created Queen of Hearts, LLC where she teaches women during weekend retreats how to heal from traumas, they have muffled to survive life. 

Girl Noticed asks Allison Bryant:

A single change that made a significant difference?

I changed the way I think and believe. I learned to not be so judgmental of myself and others. I learned the importance of healing to grow and evolve. The change helped me decide to help others. I created Tilted Crowns which is a Non-Profit Organization that Mentors the youth. We held fundraisers, gave back to the community, supported other non-profits and we mainly helped people heal. The difference that we made in the lives of the youth was worth all the changes and growth that I made in my life. The opportunity to remove 30 years of trying to “figure it out” from someone else’s life is a blessing. I am definitely honored to give back to my community and guide other people to a place of life changing healing and transformation. 

What are you most grateful for? 

I am grateful for the Nonprofit Legacy journey, a book published by Shero Publishing and co-authored by 14 nonprofit executives. I have met so many amazing and powerful people because of this journey. Not just the book but the whole experience. I am grateful for each and every author that was included in the book because each of their stories were strong and life changing. I am grateful for the people that support my vision and love me wholeheartedly. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to help others heal. I am definitely grateful for you and the beautiful heart that you have for others. I am grateful for my support system and my future blessings.  I am grateful for my kids because they gave my life purpose and meaning. They taught me that I can love again. It all started with them. The thing that I am most grateful for is my Granddaughter Hailee Skylar. She gave me a reason to live, push forward, evolve and on most days just a reason to breathe!

If you could have a gigantic mural painted in your neighborhood what would it be or say?

It would be a picture of someone sitting on the sand at the beach relaxing. The words would say Stay Grounded.

There should be more awareness around the importance of being grounded. If everyone stayed grounded the amount of anxiety and depression that people experience would be decreased drastically. 

It’s Karaoke night what song do you belt out, no holds barred?

I would have to sing 3 songs. Lol.

#1 is “In My Blood” by Shawn Mendes.

#2 is “Set it All Free” from the movie Sing 

#3 is “ I believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly.


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