• Our first Girl Noticed in Hollywood FL

    Our first mural, in a Nationwide 50 state endeavor, did not come without it’s obstacles. After painting the words “NOTICE ME” on the wall during Hollywood’s art walk on January 17th, less than a week later, we found the words had been painted over  having been mistaken for graffiti. So with brush in hand Elizabeth (photographer),…

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  • the “Why”… why Girl Noticed?

    the “Why”… why Girl Noticed?

    This is me, age 7. Fearless, jump from the highest step, climb the biggest tree, scraped knees, no one messes with me, 7 year old me. I’m not exactly sure when it happened, but looking back I can understand why. Why this wide eyed hopeful, full of spirit and guts kid all of a sudden was…

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