• Thank you for noticing.

    5 years ago I asked you to notice, and you did. You noticed an artist who possessed a lofty idea of spreading the powerful message of a girls worth. The idea to create 50 murals in 50 states in charcoal that would fade off the wall sending the message, if you left a girl unnoticed…

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  • The wrong wall came down.

    The wrong wall came down.

    I think you probably get my reference. If not you can comment below and I’ll explain, but in all seriousness we knew this wall would be knocked down before I even started to paint it. Why? Why wouldn’t I paint another wall. Something more permanent? Because nothing is permanent. Everything changes and it is our…

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    Stop being so fixated on comfort.

    Let’s face it, nothing about being a woman is comfortable. From puberty to menopause and all the pms in between. Uncomfortable. Bras, heels, stockings… Uncomfortable Honestly for most of us being in our own skin… Uncomfortable. It’s no wonder we seek comfort in our lives and daily routines. But does that daily routine make you…

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  • Just Ask!

    Seems like such a simple thing. I’ve heard these words probably a thousand times. “Why didn’t you just ask?”  Honestly it still doesn’t come easy for me. I’d rather completely torture myself physically, and mentally agonize over something for days before I’d just say “Hey can you help me?” What’s the problem? Is it pure…

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