What if…

Isn’t it hard enough being a woman? Why do we criticize, judge, gossip and tear each other down? Does it make us feel better about ourselves if we push down another woman? Make her less than?

I wanted to post an inspiring video today about women supporting women and when I searched instead I found this. Video after video of us demeaning and hurting each other.

I’ve worked in a male dominated industry almost my whole life. Do you know what men talk about during their work day? Sports, video games, movies and what they had for dinner last night. Pretty much in that order. Do you know what women talk about? Other women.

With school about to be back in session I know there are the girls who are dreading going back. They’re not excited at all because it means going back to being judged and put down. Being self conscious about how they look and carry themselves, not to mention the pressures of “Am I smart enough, will I do well enough?” And then let’s ask them to make life decisions about college and their futures while dealing with all of this.

So what if as women we started lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down? What if we supported each other and encouraged each other. What if we actually set an example as mothers for our daughters, as teachers for our students or as women in general for the young girls we interact with on a daily basis?

What if we started by noticing in ourselves what is special, so we were confident enough to notice it in others as well. 

What if today you were a witness to each girl or woman you came in contact with and lifted them up even if only in your thoughts. What if those thoughts were followed by a kind word.
What if…

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