A beautiful soul…

Last night I had the opportunity to paint live at the W Hotel. I chose a special person to paint. Although I know only a little about her, I can see that she shows up each day with a smile, good energy  and love to give. There are layers to her. A story to be told most likely unheard by most. Painting her my goal is to peel back a layer, expose an emotion and celebrate and value who she is. 

Her words speak her truth… 

“I’ve always known myself to be one who thinks differently than most. My mind is not, by any means, average or ordinary. I view the world as a mad scientist would view an experiment. Everyday that unfolds, every moment that passes is processed and analyzed, perfected and mastered. Passion drives me; Crazy excites me. I live spontaneously and I follow my intuition. I put my heart and soul into everything I do and everyone I care about, and thus, my experiment (my life) has obtained results that put this smile on my face. I’m a rebel. I appreciate the little things. They are what life is about. Being a woman in this world is full of obstacles, but it is these obstacles that have also made being a woman such a blessing for me. Nothing good in this life ever comes easy, and I’ve always been one to take The Road Less Traveled by, and as Robert Frost once wrote, “that has made all the difference.”  …Karen Hoglund

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  1. Pat Anderson-Sifuentez Avatar
    Pat Anderson-Sifuentez

    I’m thankful for all those who think differently! What a boring world without them! Btw, I include myself in this ‘circle’.

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