My Spirit Stands Tall. Independence Day.


poem by Julia Schroeder

Nothing in life, nothing worth having comes without work, comes without some pain, comes without guts to make changes, comes without living courageously.

We will not do everything perfectly, although we’ll expect that from ourselves because we’re women and we’re programmed to believe we must be perfect.  We’ll spend our time, money and energy fixing imperfections like wrinkles and the extra 10lbs we gained while we ignore the inner parts that make us real, make us vulnerable.

Now and then we’ll read a book, or see a movie, or meet someone who makes us recognize our authentic selves and we’ll catch a glimpse of who we thought we could have always been, but it’s too much work to stay in that place, it makes us “feel” too much so we apply more eye cream, eat one less piece of chocolate.

Independence Day workout. Stand tall.

Try it. Hold your shoulders back, pull your chin up, deep breath in from your gut, let the air fill your chest, breathe out a breath of confidence, repeat. It’s the workout they forget to tell you to do in Cosmo and Vogue. Practice it, perfect it.

You have a spirit inside of you, and I in me that deserves to be embraced, noticed. Your family, friends, the world benefits from you letting that authentic spirit show. Wear it proudly like it’s your sexiest pair of heels or most comfortable pair of jeans. I have a friend that told me her mother used to tell her when she’s having a bad day put on your heels and lipstick and go dance. I always visualized that as her saying, when life kicks you in the ass, kick it back, just do it with style, do it with a little color and do it standing tall.

Be the woman you want to be. Endure the pain that comes along with that. It’s worth it. You’re worth the blisters and bruises.


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