Notice while you can.

And that quickly, it’s gone.

Last night was a night celebrating art, community and diversity. The 4th annual Artopia event took place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at the Galleria Mall.

My goal was to celebrate all women and their many differences while at the same time unifying them with my art piece, showing EVERY WOMAN has value.

Today it is being painted over. Replaced with a blank white wall. People who pass by will never even know it was there, and isn’t that exactly how we treat life. Moving from one headline to the next, quickly forgetting about last year, last month, last week, even just yesterday as something else captures our attention, fills our thoughts.

Girl Noticed is almost 3 years old. We will continue to notice. We will continue to empower women and value our girls. And although the next big thing may seem right around the corner we won’t forget your struggles, triumphs and victories.

Notice, there’s a short window of time to take notice and make a difference before that moment is replaced or fades away.

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