Thanksgiving is a two part word.

I think we have the thanks part figured out. I’ve been hearing all week people say how thankful they are. It’s a beautiful thing to appreciate what we have in our lives. To be grateful. What are the things you list when you say you’re grateful? Are you grateful for your home, your car, the new pair of shoes you just bought? Do you go a little deeper and list your job, your family, your dog? I started a gratitude journal about a year ago where I have listed over 300 things I am grateful for. I pick up the Journal a couple times a week and just start listing…

#1. The feeling of excitement I have 2 years into Girl Noticed.

#2. Connections made when you least expect them.

#74. The feeling I get when I make someone laugh.

#101. Feeling appreciated for my talent.

#300. Being loved

As you can see many of my gratitude moments consist of how I am feeling. That’s why when I’m down in the dumps I immediately turn to gratitude, because I can always find something to be grateful for and it instantly makes me feel a little lighter.

The “giving” part is a little trickier. I’ve managed to simplify “thanks” into everyday simple things that are all around me and define me, but I get stuck in the thought that “giving” has to be some huge, go out of my way, gesture. I think of giving and immediately think, we’ll I don’t have the money to really give, or I don’t have the time to really give. Sometimes it’s just I don’t have the energy to really give.

What I’ve come to realize is no one expects those grand gestures from me. Just being myself is the best way I can give. Being authentic and present in every situation makes me open and available to the people around me. Being your authentic self says, “thank you universe for making me who I am”, and it is a valuable act of giving. Without even knowing it I’ve found being myself also encourages others to be themselves. It’s brave and vulnerable. It really is a gift. Yes, one I’m thankful for.

So this Thanksgiving give thanks, but also give the best gift you are capable of giving. Embrace who you are and give it to others.

Happy Thanksgiving from Girl Noticed

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