Working Together (and the difference it makes.)

In a world where we constantly compete and compare, how beautiful it is when we come together, work together and really make a difference. Next week Girl Noticed will be noticing 3 young women in Indian Head, Maryland. Working together with the leaders of Phenomenal Young Women, Cage Free Voices, Real Women and the Town of Indian Head we are creating an event to impact the whole community. People ask me all the time, how can I help?  “What could I do?” There are many ways people are helping.

People like Jayson Priest. He approached his company jetBlue and facilitated a sponsorship for our upcoming trip to Maryland.

People like Ken Fernandez. He enrolled and registered his friend Kim to donate 6 hours of her marketing genius to Girl Noticed.

People like Shelly Loos. She reached out to key people in many states because she believes in the difference Girl Noticed can make. Shelly connected us with the right people in Lincoln, Nebraska and before we knew it we were creating a powerful mural that the whole community rallied around.

People like Diane Fennekohl. She approached her company, Moss & Associates, who generously sponsored our January Fundraiser, and also donated silent auction items. Her help organizing the fundraiser, general support of myself and of Girl Noticed, has been invaluable.

People like Laura Scrivanich. All the way from New York she enlisted the help of her company Downstream Outfitters to print shirts at a great price and donate bags to give away at events. We love our new shirts!

You make your difference in your own unique, extraordinary way. It’s beautiful, its appreciated and its necessary. For Girl Noticed to inspire, encourage and empower I need you. We all need each other.

Artist Mary Pohlmann created the beautiful bag pictured above and is allowing me to use her art to represent Girl Noticed. More of her work here.
Anchorage, Alaska welcomed me and the Girl Noticed project with open arms and came together to celebrate the women of their community. That same weekend, I witnessed volunteers planting a community garden, and a Farmers Market supporting local artists and small businesses. Over the next three weeks they have 200 volunteers and many sponsors painting 9 homes, as Mayor Ethan Berkowitz declared June “Paint The Town Month”.
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In Camp Washington, Ohio the Wave Pool Gallery and Heartfelt Tidbits continues to tirelessly embrace, encourage, and inspire their community. Despite financial and emotional challenges, despite obstacles that sometimes feel unsurmountable, they work together and continue to make a difference. They just care that much about where they live and the people who live there.

Girl Noticed thanks everyone who has worked together making Girl Noticed what it is today. You have my word I’ll make it the best it can be.

All donations are welcome, and greatly appreciated. Girl Noticed is a 501C3 listed under Sanjuan Brown Hollywood Arts Foundation







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