Women make things happen.

We were literally two strangers with a common mission living on opposite sides of the country. It’s funny how on Instagram we do what’s called “following” each other. Where else other than social media would a 27 yr old mom/entrepreneur from Utah and a 51 yr old mom/artist from Florida actually end up following each other? Instagram is funny like that. You follow who’s work you admire, who’s photos you like. You follow who entertains you visually and inspires you. Does it always end there? What if you reached out and actually connected?

Connecting was exactly what my intention was. I had decided one evening to write down all of the women’s/teen organizations that “follow” Girl Noticed on Instagram. I then proceeded to email or message each one telling them more about the project. “13 states, 50 murals, workshops, presentations, Marie Claire magazine, national recognition… hey, hey you, pay attention! Notice me!” That’s pretty much how it goes. Did you think people just call me up an invite me to there state to do a mural? I’ve had to get creative when it comes to how I get a wall, and make this project happen. Writing my instagram followers was one of many avenues taken to get Girl Noticed “out there”. In this case the emails and messages were sent, and then I wait. I wait hoping maybe someone will take the extra minute to actually read what I wrote and show interest. And that’s just what Desiree Tolman creator of the Utah Mom Show did. About a half dozen emails and a few phone calls later we pooled our resources and figured out just how to make this happen.

We knew after our first conversation we were kindred spirits. Two women that society would just as well have written off. We both had the odds stacked up against us in life and we both wouldn’t allow ourselves to be defined by those odds. Even though Desiree and I are from different generations, yes I have kids Desiree’s age, we both see the world in front of us as an opportunity for change, a place to inspire and empower. We also see challenges as just that, a challenge. Nothing more. When we allow those challenges to turn into fear, that’s when we have a problem. We’ve proven to ourselves over and over again that fear is a liar and what we put our minds to we can accomplish. We also know that when life has allowed you the strength and will to succeed it’s your responsibility to pay it forward, to give back. Desiree’s Utah Mom Show was created for every mom, tackling all stages of motherhood, while uniting parents who feel they’re alone in their stories.

Desiree Tolman creator of the Utah Mom Show and Lori Pratico, Girl Noticed

I am thrilled to be working with Desiree and creating a mural for this years Inaugural Utah Mom Show. I would have clearly picked Desiree, but instead I read each of her Mom blogpost nominees and chose an incredible mom to notice.

Kait Peterson and her daughter Eva will be part of an interactive mural where you can write and leave behind your thoughts about what mom means to you. So come say hello and be a part of Girl Noticed’s 14th state.

In the words of the great O, no not Oz, Oprah of course, “What I know for sure is”, that when two women collaborate, you better move out of their way.” 

Get more info and tickets for the Utah Mom Show at http://www.utahmomshow.com

2 responses to “Women make things happen.”

  1. pat Anderson-Sifuentez Avatar
    pat Anderson-Sifuentez

    Always glad to see another state with a ‘girl noticed’. I’m patiently awaiting the book with all works collected. Our Lincoln, Nebraska project still looks great!.. Which leads me to ask- what is Desiree doing with a ‘Nebraska’ sweatshirt???

    1. Girl Noticed Avatar

      Thanks as always for following along! That book will happen! Lincoln being such a wonderful experience will have its own chapter I’m sure! 😊

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