Let her shine.

What might happen if we stopped and noticed a girls value?

Purpose makes itself known when we are very young. Think back to the pure dreams and desires you had as a kid, before other people told you how you needed to be, what you should focus on and what was more practical, stable and acceptable. Opportunity surrounds us. What might happen if we encourage a girl to be herself and accept herself just the way she is? When she notices her value and embraces who she is she opens herself up to discovery. She opens herself up to opportunity. When “Just Being Me” becomes the perfect way to be, she can be whatever she chooses. The simple act of noticing releases her from playing small. She becomes extraordinary, and she shows up in life as her best self. Notice her. Value her. Lift her up and celebrate her for being exactly who she is. You see she really can do anything she pleases, and she doesn’t need anyone’s permission to do it. She doesn’t have to conform to what anyone thinks she should be. She doesn’t have to look how anyone thinks she should look. She can live boldly without taking on anyone else’s fear or opinions. She can trust herself to know what she needs, what excites and motivates her. She can rise, build, create and magically orchestrate her life. She can live a life unapologetically herself.

And us? What about us? We will all be lit up by her brilliance.

Girl Noticed.  

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