When six teenage girls, most who have never met each other, are asked to work separately but together…who knew what the result would be?

At the end of this summer Girl Noticed hosted a series of free virtual workshops. I was thrilled that teenagers from across the country would participate. We’d talk about their strengths, goal setting and breaking goals into smaller tasks to achieve success. One workshop offered girls the opportunity to learn about creating murals. We’d discuss materials, preparation and how to scale their drawings. They would learn that scaling murals, just like our goals, consists of breaking an end goal down into smaller pieces. Focusing on that smaller piece, getting it done, but always keeping the intention of the end goal in mind.

Now I asked the girls to be brave. Somewhat blindly they would be asked to create part of a larger artwork at home. Six girls took the challenge and were mailed a concept drawing, pencil, canvases, paint, brushes and a self addressed stamped envelope to mail their creations back to Girl Noticed. They were encouraged to use their creativity but to keep in mind their section would have to match up with the others for the final piece to make sense. They would use what they learned in the workshop to make that happen. I’m so proud and excited by the end result.

Our artists are:

Gaby Lama, Age 15 from Aventura, FL

Lily Mitchell, Age 14 from Cooper City, Florida

Lucia Williams, Age 13 from Hollywood, FL

Olsmael Merisier, Age 17 from the Bronx, NY

Raegan Zalman, Age 13 from Hollywood, FL

Yana Danzig, Age 15 from Davie, FL

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    So beautiful💝💝

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