How can I notice?

Bring Girl Noticed to your community.



the perfect place for people to notice


businesses, schools, organizations, government


notice someone


powerfully engaging community


You may also email your questions to,


2 thoughts on “How can I notice?

  1. Hello, I am the Director of the Arts Council of Southern Indiana. A mutual friend, Brian Somerville sent me information about your project. I think it is fabulous and we would love for you to include us in your project. I have a artist in residence room and the perfect wall. We have a huge Monarch Festival on July 18th. Multiple organizations, music, theater dance, film and exhibits. It would be fabulous to have your project debut at this event. I understand if the time doesn’t work for you – we are still interested. I have a Chalk Walk event in October. I have a injured hand and it would be much easier to talk to you in person..
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Julie Schweitzer


  2. Girl Noticed your website rocks! Kudos for uniting and noticing dynamic women! I would like to nominate aka I AIN’T THAT CHICK to be showcased and noticed on your website. IATC is an EMPOWERMENT source for all women to share personal stories and make a difference. #IATC.COM

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