• Thank you for noticing.

    5 years ago I asked you to notice, and you did. You noticed an artist who possessed a lofty idea of spreading the powerful message of a girls worth. The idea to create 50 murals in 50 states in charcoal that would fade off the wall sending the message, if you left a girl unnoticed…

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  • The wrong wall came down.

    The wrong wall came down.

    I think you probably get my reference. If not you can comment below and I’ll explain, but in all seriousness we knew this wall would be knocked down before I even started to paint it. Why? Why wouldn’t I paint another wall. Something more permanent? Because nothing is permanent. Everything changes and it is our…

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  • Come get zen with us.

    Zen for me is being totally emerged in creativity! This Friday morning in Flagler Village, Fort Lauderdale, FL, find out how you can take your creative zen to the next level. www.facebook.com/events/328320978088526/

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  • A personal debate.

    A personal debate.

    Waking up this morning there’s a good chance the very first words you heard on your tv or radio, the very first words you saw displayed on your phone, wether it was a tweet or a news alert, said something about the democratic presidential debate last night. There really was no getting away from it.…

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  • Believe it

    Sitting drinking my coffee this morning I found myself reflecting on the success of Girl Noticed’s Kickstarter campaign. Just one month ago I was sitting on the same couch, with the same mug, at the same computer questioning  what was to be my first real venture in fundraising. Good idea or not? Would people donate,…

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  • “Silver Dollars and Silver Boxes”

    I found myself laughing and telling this story the other day, and after telling it I began to reflect and realize how we carry our stories with us everyday, everywhere we go. We shape ourselves into the characters of those stories. So when you tell your story weather it be to yourself or someone else, be…

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  • The strangers we meet.

    There’s something absolutely beautiful about meeting a stranger. I don’t mean just a smile or handshake between two people that don’t know each other, I mean that moment where you stop thinking about yourself and you turn your complete attention to the other person because you want to actually “know” them, and in that moment you…

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  • Just Ask!

    Seems like such a simple thing. I’ve heard these words probably a thousand times. “Why didn’t you just ask?”  Honestly it still doesn’t come easy for me. I’d rather completely torture myself physically, and mentally agonize over something for days before I’d just say “Hey can you help me?” What’s the problem? Is it pure…

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