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“Girl Noticed, Inc. Honors Surviving Women of the Holocaust.”

Estimated at 1000, a largely-overlooked chronicle of women from the Holocaust live in Broward County, FL. In April 2020 Girl Noticed will unite multiple generations by recognizing and highlighting this important part of living history through art, communication and various forms of recognition. Nominate today!

*We have had to postpone this project due to the pandemic, but are still taking nominations and moving forward with what we can.

  • You will be contacted by email, so be sure to check your inbox.

Nominate who you think should be noticed in your community today!

Who Qualifies?

All Girls and Women, All Ages!

We are empowering girls to recognize that no matter what, there is always something about them worth noticing!

Notice yourself! Notice each other!

You can view sample nominations below.


or email your nominations to:

You can send a video, or written statements of why you or someone you know

should be noticed.

The subjects are chosen through a community nomination process.

There is no age limit.  

There are two ways to nominate. You can nominate yourself by submitting a one-minute video that starts out ‘I am…’ and at the end says ‘Notice me.’ In between those words, fill in the blank with whatever you would like to say about why you should be noticed.

See video samples bellow.

Or you can nominate yourself or someone else in writing.

In your words tell Girl Noticed why you think this specific person should be noticed. It can be any female of any age, emailed to

Scroll down for written samples.

You can nominate yourself, someone else, or make multiple nominations.

 Nominations can be used as a writing lesson in English/Creative Writing class, or be simply written at home. We encourage positive, thoughtful nominations, and ensure you there is no wrong way to notice yourself or someone else when done in a sincere and uplifting manner.

 You may notice one unique special quality or many achievements. Individuals are not selected based on “who did more”, but based on the impact Girl Noticed believes noticing the individual will have on her and her community.

 Sample 1:

I am an individual who should be noticed for her talent as a singer and her ability to help others. I am a high school student who is in the twelfth grade and I believe that I should be noticed because I am relentless in my pursuit for a better life for my family, my friends and myself. I am driven by my goals and the events that take place around. I am dedicated to my studies, my friends and most importantly my future. I am an individual who believes in the truth and the notion that anything can happen and that through education, dedication and planning that anyone can be successful. Notice me

Sample 2:

Rachel has an un-wavering dedication to her community. She has been serving since she was a very small girl and through constant nurturing of her Girl Scout Troop 347. Rachel has continued serving well into her teenage years.  Although being served a great blow of being diagnosed with dyslexia in her senior year, she has managed to perform as a top tier student. She will be graduating in the top 5% of her graduating class. Dispute her newest challenge Rachel continues to be active in community service and community groups serving great purposes. Rachel is a Girl Scout Ambassador, A member of her schools Epsilon Club, and the Women of Tomorrow Club.

Rachel has over 500 community service hours to date during her high school participation. Over 100 of those hours were served working on her Gold Award. Her Gold Award project aimed to raise awareness and actively participate in preserving and improving our coastline to combat shoreline erosion due to climate change. Rachel cultivated Mangrove pods, organized a group to clear out invasive species of plants and vines to make space for mangroves to thrive and grow inland, Planted the cultivated mangroves to improved the mangrove number and organized a group clean up of litter to rid the bay of trash left by humans.

Rachel was nominated to be a United Way Fellow 2016-2017. As a fellow Rachel actively participated in working with the united way to bring solutions to her community. Rachel served a moderator of a panel of city officials and law enforcement officers to address gang violence plaguing the community. Rachel also served on a break out time of fellow that won a grant to produce an impactful event to address young children to prevent them from becoming apart of negative statistics and help build trust through team activities.

As an art student, Rachel has participated in Bowls for Hunger, creating custom painted bowls to auction off to raise money to combat childhood hunger in the United States. Rachel has taken every opportunity to serve her community. She loves to fill her life with old school music, comedy movies and Japanese culture!

Please accept this nomination for Rachel to be a Girl Noticed.

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