The Girl Who Walked on Her Tiptoes.

Semele Halkedis and I became friends in kindergarten, and it never seemed unusual that Semele’s heels never hit the floor when she walked. It almost seemed as though she had been given a special gift or ability to be able to walk on her tiptoes, because it made her that much taller with her head held that much higher. We spent many years in school together and I remember often feeling envious of her. She possessed a self confidence and self awareness I searched for within myself. On the outside I sure looked confident, but on the inside I questioned everything about myself. Still on her tiptoes, she just seemed to know something I did not.

Now 40 something years later I don’t know if her heels ever ended up touching the floor. I see her only through Facebook and we did not stay in touch through the years for me to know how her life has been. It is absolutely clear to me however that through her life’s challenges and struggles, she has not only walked on her tiptoes, she has danced.  I no longer envy Semele, there are no longer pangs of jealousy, instead I appreciate who she is as I continue to search for her grace in myself.

Today, take a minute to hold your head high, embrace what it is that makes you different. Maybe even walk on your tiptoes.

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