Blind faith…

When I was a kid I used to sit on a garbage pail in the alley of my Philly row house and talk to the sparrows perched on rooftops and telephone wires. I didn’t question if they heard me. When more than once one landed on my arm while I was playing I was sure they were my friends and needed me as much as I did them.

Every Wednesday night I stood in the garden section of the grocery store while my mother did her food shopping and talked to each plant one by one. I had no doubt they not only heard me, but grew stronger and more beautiful because of my friendship. 

Today, I contemplated praying. Not the conventional in a church kind of prayer but the kinds of conversations that take blind faith that someone, something is listening. I have things on my heart that I know I am not in control of and I’d like to believe I could be guided, that I could trust something bigger than me has my back. I contemplated instead of actually doing because I struggle with no longer believing I’m heard by whatever it was that was listening all those years ago. 

My heart has been sculpted, chipped away at, formed and reformed into its current state. We all have lost so much of our childlike faith in the universe, and we just choose to accept it as “that’s life”. What if “life” could still be shaped into what you want? What if you were aware of the part you have in shaping someone else’s life? What if your words and actions kept a child’s eyes and heart open wider for one day longer?

It would take grasping the exact moment you’re in and owning that moment. It would take believing you and all that surrounds you are connected and can effect each other. And it might take a little praying.

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