Small gestures can have a big impact.

Sometimes when you least expect it someone takes notice.

What happens when they take noticing a step further and make an effort to make a difference?

Jayson Priest did just that. Jayson is a friend, who although I do not know him well, took notice of my artwork and my project. What I was doing touched him.   This led him to make the effort to inform his company, JetBlue, about Girl Noticed and our message. JetBlue in turn contacted me and awarded Girl Noticed with two round trip vouchers anywhere they fly. Their support allows me to use the vouchers in my fundraising efforts or to travel with them to one of our upcoming murals.

I am so humbled that a renowned company like JetBlue recognized Girl Noticed and the importance of all we do to empower girls and women. 

Each of the 11 states where I have created murals have all come about because someone noticed and recognized the value of this project. Usually someone, like Jayson, who did not know me well, but knew the feeling of being unnoticed and the importance of valuing females in our society. The gesture of spreading our message, reaching out with an email or a phone call and connecting people can indeed have a big impact. We often think there is nothing we can do. That we aren’t important or smart enough for others to listen and notice, or we are so afraid of rejection we won’t make “the ask”. 

To those of you who have stepped up and done just that, thank you. You push me forward and encourage me every day. 

Thank you.



  1. Pat Anderson-Sifuentez says:

    I LOVE this project. When I go to national conferences for NeighborWorks I always speak about Lincoln’s experience & encourage others to ‘Notice that girl’. congrats on the JetBlue notice and thanks for keeping us posted.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Girl Noticed says:

      Thank you Pat! Thanks to you sharing through NieghborWorks we secured Alaska!


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