Noticing Heather Neiman

My art is my breath. My soul. I believe my art connects with people because of my vulnerability and authenticity. My art is intuitive, unique, and most often has a story, message, and/or symbolism that expresses itself with much color, collage, and words. I have become my favorite artist, because I finally recognize my value, as a creator, in being a positive force both in myself and to others with my gift of creating powerful and meaningful works of art.”- Heather Neiman

Heather Neiman received 23 nominations when Girl Noticed announced it would be noticing a Fort Lauderdale artist last month during Art Fort Lauderdale. This clearly shows the respect and admiration her community has for her and her art. I found the following nominations especially moving.

“I met Heather Neiman through Instagram. I went out and visited her at a show and her vibrant art captured my attention, her personality captured my heart. She is a stunning representation of human kindness and talent. When I walk into her art space I feel her presence. I see her bright eyes and charming smile and her colorful personality in every piece. I also see between the bright color a depth and a complexity that expresses itself in layer after layer. As I have gotten to know Heather Neiman, I’ve grown to love her as much as her art. She stoked a passion in me for my own art that has been a true gift. I know longer see art as something I can do, but something I want to do, for myself. She is light, dark, color and creativity personified and truly inspirational.” -Christopher Warner

“She paints from her soul and to touch people personally at a deep level of meaning and purpose. She paints to make herself and others more whole and healthy through connecting with beauty in and around themselves.” – Ann Roggenkamp

Here were some of the other words used in multiple nominations to decribe her.

inspiring •  thought provoking • displays her passions and personality in every piece she crafts • her art makes me happy • I love her compassion and hard work and love for what she does • the most talented human I know • puts her soul into her art • extremely talented • a beautiful woman • a fantastic human being and a light in the Fort Lauderdale community • invokes feelings and thoughts that are unique to each and every piece • can make something beautiful out of something so ordinary • sparks joy and makes me smile • persevered and stayed true to herself • thoughtful • courageous • unafraid • unique • making a difference • kindest, most emotionally generous women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting

WOW Heather! We notice!

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