Inclusivity + Diversity = Home

Last night at ArtServe, Fort Lauderdale’s VIP event titled “HOME” guests were greeted as they walked through the door by a gentleman who boastfully exclaimed “Welcome, welcome home.”

A mix of art, music, spoken word and a creative laboratory brought a diverse group of artists together to show the community how they would make a difference and leave there legacy.

I had the pleasure of expanding an existing Girl Noticed mural that noticed a young woman Radha holding a sign she made saying “I HAVE A VOICE”, to include the voices of many. A desk was placed in front of the mural, prompting you to use your words and express your thoughts, along with a takeaway postcard that said “I MATTER”.

I painted live a large canvas in front of the mural announcing Girl Noticed’s next local undertaking. A year long multigenerational collaborative event honoring female holocaust survivors.

In the midst of all of this incredible inspiration I was asked by one person “Why is white not on the wall?” I smiled, and pointed to US, YOU, TOGETHER, and said “You are on the wall, everyone is.” The groups I have highlighted are voices that have historically been neglected, and are presently diminished in our society, often left unheard. I actually knew the night would not go by without being asked that very question. I am pleased that person chose to ask it. I am pleased we both could be heard.

It was a wonderful night full of hope and inspiration for EVERYONE.

Welcome Home.

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